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Accounts payable automation

Cut invoice processing costs by half.
A solution to optimize your purchase to pay cycle.

Manual handing of incoming invoices is time consuming and not always reliable.

Automating the entire invoice management process provides benefits across the board : cost-effectiveness, traceability and corporate image.

Steps in the billpayment management process

The invoice management process handles the entire life cycle of supplier invoices: scanning, automatic registration of documents in your business or accounting application, associated validation or disputing, payable vouchers management, filing.


Benefits you’ll experience with invoice management solution

  • Savin Cut invoice processing costs up to 60%
  • Optimize processing time
  • No more manual sorting
  • No more paper

More of our invoice management solution

A personalized and flexible solution

  • A detailed study of your organization and workflow
  • A dedicated project manager

A new service to equip, a new flow to process ... .Your organization evolves, our solution adjusts !

Not just a way to save money

  • Boost productivity. Relieve staff of low-valued-added tasks so they can focus on core buisness. Invoices are immediately accessible to anyone who needs to check them.Make your controller's life easier.
  • Ensure reliability. Full traceability of documents and approval
  • Enhance your corporate image. Never lose another invoice or forget a due date again.