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Groupe T2i Launches Youdoc, A New Version of Our Digital Document Management Solution

Groupe T2i is pleased to announce a new version of our enterprise digital document management solution, which has been renamed Youdoc. Youdoc is more flexible, ergonomic and powerful for an improved user experience that also incorporates the core features required for this kind of solution: security, compliance, and integration.

Many of the group’s clients have already migrated to Youdoc. For example, Groupe Mutuel, the leading health insurance provider in French-speaking Switzerland, relies on it to manage records for its 1.4 million clients. In France, CDC Habitat, a top French property lessor, uses the solution for its stock of 425,000 housing units (see box below).

Youdoc is a web-based digital enterprise document management system available in SaaS, license, or rental mode. It features three modules: a module for intelligent capture of multi-format documents, a module for document management, classification, retrieval and storage, and a module for document distribution and sharing. Each of Youdoc’s components can be activated on demand (see architecture diagram below). 

A Secure and Innovative Modular Solution 

Youdoc is an agile, modular solution that connects with the top ERP systems on the market. It also offers cross-discipline applications for processing supplier invoices, managing incoming mail, and more, along with vertical applications for public administration, real estate, transportation, insurance, banking, etc.

“The Youdoc development strategy focuses on ease of use, streamlined business processes and easy information system integration. We believe that document processing, management, traceability, and distribution are core components of business and organizational transformation,” says Marc Freichet, Groupe T2i Director of Products and Innovation.

More than 50 person-years went into developing Youdoc to create a solution with numerous innovations that optimize enterprise document management. New features include: new layout, redesigned architecture (Base NoSQL and Apache Solr) to maximize search and index performance on unstructured documents, document rights management, a retention calendar, and a traceability module to handle General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements. 

We also offer a case management module. It is completely integrated into Youdoc and allows users to create a document that will be completed by several stakeholders, and to examine it, while naturally making the process of document distribution and publication smoother and more flexible (approval, rejection, deadlines, escalation, etc.).  For example, this module could be used to manage a rental file, health record, or customer file, to track an insurance claim, or to sign a property lease.

Youdoc also ensures documents are legally admissible throughout their lifecycle with several modules that provide traceability, qualified electronic signatures, document encryption and authentication, individual electronic vaulting, as well as an Electronic Archiving System that complies with ISO 14 641 / NF Z42-013, thus dealing with probative value issues.

Document Digitization Solution Designed for SMEs

Groupe T2i has been active on the document digitization market for more than 30 years, earning more than 40 percent of its revenue from this activity. As a complete digitization tool whose components can be activated on demand, Youdoc works as well for medium-sized businesses that simply need to capture documents as it does for large companies with broader needs from digitization to ERP integration to DMS processing.  More than 500 companies use Youdoc every day.

“The Youdoc product is a feature-rich, innovative solution that meets businesses’ productivity expectations. Implementing a digitization solution is a complex and strategic project that requires strong support and close collaboration for the long term. Groupe T2i specializes in implementing this type of project, which is why we also offer complementary consulting and service options to support the transition,” says Laurent Boussat, Groupe T2i Director of eDocument Sales.