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Mail Management Processing

A tool to save time. A comprehensive process to better process mail.

Mail management and follow up (incoming and outgoing) are priority issues in any business or organization. Automating the flow of documents with your employees and third parties saves precious time for tasks with higher added value.

A turnkey mail management solution

  • Digitization and mass acquisition of your mail upon arrival, in hard copy or dematerialized (mails, electronic documents)
  • Qualification and distribution of your mail to the receiving departments
  • Processing your replies and outgoing mail: Pre-configured mail templates, enabling circuits, electronic signature
  • Storing and Sharing your incoming and outgoing mail
  • Monitoring and checking your flows: traceability of the mail processing, time management, alerts, delegations, and follow up of registered letters with acknowledgment of receipt.

A global view of your mail management process

  • Integrating your mails in a business EDM for a 360 ° view from your management applications
  • Archiving at probative value to an electronic safety deposit box
  • Publication through an extranet of dematerialized mails to your third parties (customers, suppliers, partners)
  • Automated processing of structured documents (invoices, surveys, contracts)

Mastering all your mail management process

  • Customer relationship mail
  • Management mail related to your core business
  • Mail Management
  • Your support services mail

Advantages of our mail management solution

  • Increase your productivity and your quality: reducing the time and cost of processing your mails, meeting quality standards, continuous improvement of business processes.
  • Improve your image: improving customer service and the relationship with your suppliers.
  • Upgrade the information of your mail: optimizing documents  sharing within the company, processing  your mail’s data integrated in real time into your business applications

A customized and adjustable mail management solution

A detailed study of your organization and related document flow allows us to offer a solution that suits you as well as a support process adapted to the specific characteristics of your structure.

A dedicated project manager provides personalized monitoring of your project: planning, training control, installation of the solution.

A new service to equip, a new flow to process ... .Your organization evolves, our solution adjusts!