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EDM for transport and logistics

Logistics operator Yusen Logistics France adopted the EDM application of Groupe T2i(through Azur Technology, a company of Groupe T2i) for the document management of four of its businesses: land transport, air transport, marine transport, and storage & logistics.

The need

Initiated end of 2012, Yusen logistics project that took a 3-year period is about developing a EDM application that is scalable to gradually apply to all transport operations, logistics, storage, and support functions for the 6 company sites: Roissy en France, Lyon, Marseille, St Quentin, Le Havre and Metz.

As the project is structured for the entire company and aims to create links with the various information systems of the company's business, the EDM tool for the selected transport was expected to meet the following objectives:

  • Reducing administrative costs by developing collaborative work between the different teams,
  • A reduction of at least 25% of paper costs,
  • A better quality of customers service specially by improving the deadlines for replying,
  • A need for access to archives decreased by 50%.

The first project was intended for the 25 persons in the road transport business based in Metz and in particular the sales administration department consisting of 8 persons. It required the recovery of more than 300,000 documents scanned from an old EDM application.

The installation schedule for EDM applications is:

  • early 2013 for road transport (see paragraph below)
  • early 2014 for maritime activity,
  • mid-2014 for airline activity, business development, and marketing,
  • late 2014 - early 2015 for customs, logistics, supply chain management as well as support functions.

Implementation of the solution

Yusen Logistics has chosen EDM solution (Electronic Document Management) of Groupe T2i (through the company Azur Technology).

"After a tender that allowed us to screen 6 solutions, and the development of 3 POC (Proof Of Concept), we chose Xpert.ECM for the product's ergonomics and the professionalism of Azur Technology Presales teams until the launch of the first project. Finally, the expertise and experience of Azur Technology in the  implementation of this type of projects and the existence of a User’s Club guaranteeing the company's sustainability were decisive", says André Béal, IT Manager of Yusen Logistics France.

The results

A first successful project road transport activities

Operational since April 2013 for road transport activity, the application facilitates the collection of transport documents (transport invoices, international delivery notes, scale tickets, customs documents, CMR ...) needed to trigger customer invoices and supplier payments. This application also allows the administration sales department of road transport business to manage 60,000 annual invoices.

"Less than 15 days were required for our teams to get used to the application and to find back the features of the old application, which demonstrates the good ergonomics of the product," adds André Béal.

"A strategic project for the company, EDM will play a pivotal role for all of our activities, in business as well as in management (accounting, HR ...). It will also help to reconsider our process. The success of the first project and the capability of the solution associated with the proper understanding of our needs by the Azur Technology teams support our choice. We are very confident in the success of our goals at 3 years and the progressive EDM integration capacity in our business", says Hervé Lubnau, Managing Director of Yusen Logistics France.

The company

Yusen Logistics France is a subsidiary of the Japanese group Yusen Logistics, the global logistics operator existing in 38 countries and employing over 13,500 people.

Yusen Logistics France develops customized solutions for transportation, logistics, and Supply Chain management, and offers a complete range of land, marine, and air transportation, and relies on first class resources and logistical facilities.

Yusen Logistics France employs 200 people and has achieved a turnover of € 65 million in 2012.