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Youdoc - Document management

Youdoc is a solution for managing your documents in an optimal manner.

It is a modular solution which integrates seamlessly with your existing business applications. It is an agile solution which simplifies the workflow of your employees as well as your functional managers. Each of Youdoc's components can be activated on demand. Thus with Youdoc, you have access to the information you need when you need it. 

Intelligent capture of your documents

Youdoc captures all formats of documents and transforms them into digital data. Thus human intervention is rarely needed as Youdoc automates the work of reading, typing and filing your documents. 

Dynamic document management

Youdoc automatically classifies and stores your documents. Through intelligent data processing, your documents are both securely stored and easily accessible. Retrieving the information you need is made simple through a quick, powerful and intuitive search function or through your information system. Youdoc streamlines your most critical business processes, 

Fluid workflow 

Youdoc automates your content management process using predictive analytics. Whatever your business is, whatever management tool and software you use, a Youdoc solution is tailor-made to suit your needs. 


Youdoc meets your needs

Do you need an integrated solution to your information system? 

We offer personal coaching to quickly integrate Youdoc with your business processes

Do you need a turnkey solution that is easy to deploy?

We offer innoative and turnkey solution packages for individual functional uses

Do you need a solution that its your particular business? 

We offer tailored solutions that meet the exclusive need of your business


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